Professional - Discreet - Affordable

Private Investigators offering a professional and utterly discreet service in all of our work. We undertake investigations in London and the whole of the UK, including Europe and most countries worldwide.

Many private investigators offer fixed packages; we understand that each client has different requirements, therefore each investigation is bespoke and hence is designed to provide the specific answers that the client needs whilst being dealt with in complete confidence at all times.

Our prices are competitive, and we aim at providing the best possible service for the minimum cost to our clients.

Private Investigator Services Offered
  • Tracing hidden assets in the UK and offshore
  • Bug sweeping
  • Background investigations and checks – due diligence
  • Surveillance supported by covert photography and detailed reporting
  • Cheating partner investigations
  • Tracing missing people, relatives or debtors
  • Forensic investigators
  • Employee Investigators
  • Criminal defence and appeal (special team)
  • Fingerprinting and DNA investigations
  • Fraud & scam investigators
  • Dedicated corporate investigators
  • Process Serving
Professional and Dedicated Investigators

Choosing Jc Investigations means that you will have the peace of mind that you are working with professionals with a sincere promise that you will get a service second to none.

Call us to speak to a private investigator in total confidence and we will advise on the best possible answers to your situation. We will guarantee that we will help and support you throughout your investigation.

We invite you to call us without any obligation whatsoever on 0843 289 8390 and talk to a private investigator.