Some of our services...


A surveillance services agency such as Jc Investigations often works closely with lawyers, business and individual clients on assignments, using mobile surveillance on foot or in vehicles, and/or static surveillance, where a high quality and suitably discreet agent is on deployment.


Our Private Investigators will provide you with an exact current address for the individual you are seeking, anywhere in The UK or overseas. We can start the person trace with as little information as a full name but sometimes may require a little more.

Background Checks

If you are in a situation where you feel that you need to know more about someone before taking the next step in your personal or business relationship, a background check from JC Investigations is the ideal way to put your mind at ease.

Vehicle Tracking

At Jc Investigations we do lawful deployment of a covert tracking device which will allow the client to see the location of the tracked vehicle at any time. The tracking devices are accurate within 3 feet.